I always wanted to be a superhero as a kid. I would imagine myself flying, swinging from street light poles, or tossing a car. Alas, it just wasn't meant to be. Once I realized I wasn't going to develop super powers, I decided to pursue my second love: delivering babies! While reality may have kicked in, I never could get over my fantasy/science fiction kick. So, I continued to read and collect comics and figures. Reading about and seeing images of futuristic adventures and being able to do the impossible created a natural transition into the world of gaming during this time as well.  


With each new comic book and figurine I added to my collection, I could envision creating a space in my home (preferably the basement)‎ where I could display all of my stuff; ‎It would be my escape to enjoy all of my little hobbies. 


Well, I never got that basement...which may have been for the best, because I realized I enjoyed those things more when I was with others of similar interest. Why not share my love of these things with others; and reignite a true love for the books and stories behind all of those movies so many people (both young and old) watch and love today? So, my two loves (becoming an Obstetrician and comics) came together and produced this dream: Doc's Basement was born.


Welcome to my basement, Belmont!





Mon - Fri: 2pm - 7pm

​​Saturday: 11am - 8pm


427 E. Catawba St.

Suite B. Belmont, NC

Phone: 980-283-7297

Doc's Basement Comics, Toys, & Games
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